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Heaven and Hell are Real places!

We all have limited time to live. Everyone of us will finish our lives on this earth. It is simply a matter of time! After we finish our life on earth, heaven or hell is waiting for us. In order to go to heaven, we need to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior!

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." (John 14:6)
For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

Do you know how to go to heaven? First, you can be sure that God loves you unconditionally.
Everybody is a sinner before God. So you have to repent of your sins. You must also forgive others in order to get forgiveness. You must also believe in Jesus as your Savior who died for your sins.

After you become a Christian, what do you do as a Christian? You must love the Lord with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.

You MUST LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength. The second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself. (NLT Mark 12:30,31)

What do you do to be closer to God? You worship the Lord in truth and spirit. He is looking for someone who worships Him in truth and spirit!

The hour is coming, and NOW IS, when the TRUE worshipers will worship the Father in SPIRIT and TRUTH; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is SPIRIT, and those who worship Him must worship in SPIRIT and TRUTH. (John 4:23, 24)

Jesus is coming back very soon! Please repent your sins on a daily basis! Please remember the ten virgins parable. They are all waiting for the groom(Jesus) but the only five wise virgins welcomed Him. Waiting for Jesus is not enough! You must be blameless and spotless before the Lord comes. Repentance is a essential part of our spiritual life. Please surrender all to Jesus! You can be filled by the Holy Spirit. Instead of your will, God's will be done and His Kingdom comes into your life. God bless you!


Recommended Video

The Moment when Ian McCormack saw Jesus after he died of Box Jellyfish shock.


New Heaven Visit Testimonies!

4th Experience of Heaven and Hell - Angelica Zambrano
This is the 4th Experience of Heaven and Hell that the Lord gave to Angelica Zambrano. She was shown the condition of the church, spiritual warfare against believers, the importance of testifying, God’s saving love and that the Lord is coming very soon for a prepared church.

Divine Visitation of Heaven and Hell - Sarah Boyanga
This is one of the great testimony of heaven and hell! Sister Sarah Binayamo Boyanga has multiple times of encountering with Jesus. Jesus took her many time to heaven and hell. Jesus told that He is coming soon!

Caught Up Into Paradise / Near Death Experience - Dr Richard Eby
Dr. Richard Eby was a gynecologist and professor. In the year of 1972, he fell from third floor. He had skull fracture and he was dead. He was taken to paradise. He came back to his body and eventually got healed. He had another visit to hell and heaven when he visited to Israel. He heard from Jesus that Jesus is coming soon!

Heaven and Great Terrible Day of the Lord -  Rivers Teske
Rivers Teske had a trauma after her son fell and injured. 20 years after that accident, God took her to heaven and she got healed and restored by God. Later on, God also showed her vision of the terrible last day.

Tribulation, Great Christian Persecution and Two Witnesses -  Evengelist Simon
Evangelist Simon from Kenya had a few visions concerning the great tribulation, a greater persecution of Christian around the world, the two witnesses and others. God has been warning His people of the return of His son and the difficult times we are living in. Do not ignore God's warnings but rather seek God's face. His will is that all be saved!

Repent and Messiah Coming Soon/Rapture! - David Owuor
Dr David Owuor has been preaching for the repentance and for being ready of the coming Messiah for many years.

Correlation Between Rapture and Rosh Hashanah - Andre J Hendricks 
7 Jewish feasts are related to events of Jesus Christ. Andres J Hendricks talks about next unfilled feast is Rosh Hashanah. There are correlation between the rapture and Rosh Hashanah according to him. I hope Jesus coming in this year for the rapture of the church.

Orthodox Jewish Girl Found the Messiah - Ayelet Steckbeck
Israeli woman who became a believer in Jesus through supernatural circumstances.

End Time Visons and Prophecy of Tsunami, Earthquake, Rapture and Tribulation 
- Elvi Zapata

He clearly talks about tsunami in East Coast of America, earthquake in California, war between Israel and Iran before the rapture. He was taken in the year 2014, it was already in the Great Tribulation. He has vision of the Beasts, zombies and milenium kingdom.

Rapture, Robes and Revelation - Pastor Hyun Sook Na 
Pastor Na has been visiting heaven for the last 20 years. She has been seeing the seals as they have been opened one by one. From the first seal to the sixth seal, they all have been opened. The sixth seal was opened on September 1st, 2012. This is the time to wait for the 7th seal to open.

Testimony of Heaven, Hell and Alarming of Rapture! Hyun Sook Na
South Korean Pastor Hyun Sook Na has been visiting heaven and hell for the last 20 years. In this testimony she tells a little about what she has been shown and she urges the church to live a sanctified life, because He is coming soon!

Jesus is Coming Quickly in the clouds! Pastor Sori Park Book#1

Sori Park's had visited numerous time heaven and hell before she died of leukemia. She also had multiple vision of rapture and tribulation. Please pay attention to the "Back to Jerusalem" movement and pray for Israel!

Open Heaven, Pastor Sori Park Book #2
Heaven, Rapture, Tribulation and God's Message!

Sori Park had numerous visits to heaven and hell. She wrote two books before she finally passed away. She also had numerous vision of rapture and the great tribulation. God is warning us of the brides who is preparing for the rapture of the church.

Angelica Zambrano Second Video
Heaven and hell are real! This is the second video from Angelica Zambrano! In this video of her second journey to heaven and hell, Angelica Zambrano was shown the judgment against Christians that rob from God in tithes and offerings, the judgment against idolatrous nuns and rebellious children, the Lamb's book of life, and much more.

Yong Gyu Park, Heaven and Hell
This is one of the most incredible true stories of Heaven and hell. Pastor Yong Gyu Park died of a stroke and went to heaven. In heaven, he found out his reward was not that much compared to what he has done. An angel showed him hell as well. He also found out that the majority people are in hell, the ratio was 1:1000. After he saw heaven and hell, he came back to life. He owned a Christian publisher company and he was one of the richest Christian in South Korea. He donated all his money and properties after he visited to heaven and hell.

Judith MacNutt, Heaven and Angels
Judith MacNutt had an accident when she was young. A car of a drunken driver ran over her. The doctor told her family that she couldn't make it. But God healed her. Her first supernatural experience started when a group of Spirit-filled people prayed for her. She had a vision of heaven and heard the voice of God. Since that time, she has been seeing angels and has been seen supernatural miracles.

Stevens Brooks, Heaven and Angels
Steven Brooks received a visitation from Jesus and was taught the secrets of anointing. Now when Steven teaches on anointing and ministers, miracles break out. Whether you need a miracle or want to move in greater realms of the supernatural, Steven will reveal how it is possible when you understand the anointing.  

And many more!

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