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Sori Park 2

Open Heaven

Heaven, Rapture, Tribulation and God's Message!

By Pastor Sori Park

Around 7:00 a.m. on January 4, 2008

John the Apostle

While I was reading the Bible, I had a desire to pray. So I start to pray and God took me suddenly to heaven. I was standing with Jesus with John the Apostle in front of us. Unlike his usual appearance, John the Apostle was holding a cane in his right hand. “What is that?” I said to Jesus, who answered “I allowed him the cane to build his authority since he was put in overall charge.”


“Our Lord said that the late rain of Holy Spirit will end soon,” I said to John the Apostle. “Will I be able to visit Heaven like this when it ends?”

He said, “Your visits will become more powerful when it ends. You will spend more time in Heaven than in the world and make more frequent visits to Heaven than now. You are practicing it now. I will grant you a lot of talent, but you are asked to just keep them for now because you may become arrogant by using the talent right now.”

He then blessed me with holding my hands, to which huge trembles went through my body.

“What should the brides prepare before the spiritual dark age comes?” I said to him again.

“They should do they have always been told to; arming themselves with God’s words and giving out love. Only those can be their weapons to win the war” he answered.


“I was reading Enoch. What does going together with Our Lord mean exactly? Give me more specific answers, please.”

“What you are doing now is going together with Our Lord. You are doing it fine.”

“The only things I have been doing these days are reading God’s words and saying prayers. Am I doing right?

“You are an apostle. The only path for apostles is devoting themselves to God’s words and prayers. In addition, giving out love will also lead them to the whole path of apostles.”


“Deacon S asked me about respecting others. I am not sure where I should draw the line…”

Walking along with his hand upon my shoulder, John the Apostle answered, “You respect others with your mind not with your mouth. If you wish to show your respect to others with your mouth, use this expression: “I praise God who has made you like this.” By doing so, both who respect other and who are respected by other, let praise the Lord together.”


Object of Worship:


Jesus first pinpointed whom I should say my prayers to. He said I should first call “Lord in Heaven.” I should say my prayers to God the Father, the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit. I was guided to the sacred hall by Our Lord and saw a throne for Father God and Jesus on his right but none for Holy Spirit, which made me realize there are different roles and functions in the Trinity. We pray to Father God in the name Of Jesus, the Son of God, then the Father God comes down to the Earth as the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit helps us to answer of our prayer. In Corinthians 13:13, having the Grace of Jesus Christ, love of God the Father, and Communion of Holy Spirit being together with you is the role division of God in the perfect Trinity.


Taking advantage of it, Satan replaced with place of the Holy Spirit with the roles of Maria as the Holy Mother in Roman Catholicism.


Recently many people pray to Holy Spirit, saying “Help me, Holy Spirit. Guide me, Holy Spirit. Solve it, Holy Spirit.” It is understandable that the history of the Holy Spirit has been more highlighted than ever before thanks to the great work of the Holy Spirit for the final salvation ministry, but it should be reminded once again that the Holy Spirit is a helper and not the “lone” object of worship, praise, and prayer. Being concerned about that, the Holy Spirit has made me write this words. The Holy Spirit is not the object of prayers but He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.  


Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Now He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God. Romans 8: 26-27

We should honor God the Father who gives birth to us, brings us up, guides us, and leads us. We also praise Jesus who bled to save us in appreciation. It is the Holy Spirit that guides all of our minds. By sending the Holy Spirit, He let us know that it is the right thing to honor and appreciate God the Father that allowed it in us.

In conclusion, he made us realize that it is the right thing to honor the Lord of Holy Trinity or God the Father.

Reunion with John the Apostle / December 20, 2007


I was praying and felt like the Holy Spirit pushing me on my head. Then I lay down.


I was smiling, when John the Apostle showed up. My body was attracted to him like a magnet, and I was held in his chest like before. I used to look like a little girl, and now I am a mature lady who is held in a very sophisticated and accustomed manner.


Holding me, John the Apostle said, “Welcome. You have come earlier than I expected.”

Wrapping his left arm around me, he talked to Jesus standing next to him, “You have done hard work with such a rough terrain.”

He meant the force of evil spirits in my current area by a rough terrain. He was waiting for Jesus to bring me there.


Patting and stroking me in the back, Jesus said, “We came here earlier than I expected thanks to Sori’s satisfactory obedience.”

I realized that if we are obedient enough, God can speed up his work on us. If we are not, things will be lagging. He said later that obedience means working with God, and disobedience is treason.


Sitting by the pond, I looked at the clothes of John the Apostle sitting on my right and saw how brilliant they were. They were so brilliantly shining that they looked almost transparent, which I had never felt before. Surprised, I said to him, “What are your clothes so transparent, Uncle John? Why are they different from Uncle Peter’s?”

I was told to call John the Apostle uncle like Peter and filled with love and familiarity toward Uncle John. Then Jesus said to me, “Everyone who loves me shines like that. And there are two kinds of love for me: one is to love me by volunteering like John, and the other is to love me by being guided. There are differences between them. John loves me with all of his willingness without being told to do so, which is why he shines so brilliantly and brightly.”

“Oh, I see…! There are differences in loving you…”


I once again realized that Heaven is never shabby. Even the smallest things get checked by him, who classifies each and every thread of our hearts in the top grade and rewards us…!


I thought that Peter the Apostle was similar to me, which is why shame overcame me. Like Peter the Apostle who denied Lord, I felt sorry to him about the way I looked after committing sins in the world. Knowing what was happening inside my mind, he said, “If he loves me by volunteering, his mind will gradually shine brightly.”


My first encounter with Peter the Apostle was designed to make me see him in the world instead of in Heaven. When I met him again in Heaven, his clothes were shining more brilliantly than I remembered in the world. I realized that the luminosity of my soul is reflected upon the clothes of others like a mirror. In other words, Peter’s clothes looked dark when I first met him because my soul was in a dark condition. In that sense, my soul has been improved a lot since I can see the clothes of John the Apostle shining brilliantly. I appreciate and honor God! When three of us were sitting together, I was made to see that John the Apostle was trying to talk about the last. At the very moment, he started to talk.


“Lord will come very, very soon.”

“And I will direct the last moment.”

"It was already decided when Lord showed me the secret of the last moment when I was on Patmos Island."

He let me ask him the following question, bending forward and showing interest in him: “What are you supposed to do for total direction?”

“I will direct the operation of setting Heaven’s strategies, fighting evil spirits all over the world, and getting a victory. And I will lead God’s warriors to victory in the battle against those with the authority of the air.”


Getting a Gift of God’s Whole Armor

December 21, 2007

This time John the Apostle suggested that we should come in his house, and Jesus and I followed his suggestion. I could not close my mouth, looking at his stately mansion, when he said he felt stifled and suggested going up to the roof. We all went up to the roof, where we were sitting around the steeple! It was strange enough because the steeple had a very steep inclination and we were sitting astraddle on it, my god! I thought things are different in Heaven, of course, smiling. There was a beautiful sky above us and a vast green field below down there. It was such a pleasant steeple meeting.


“I will give you a sword,” said John the Apostle, who gave me a sword and told me that he used to use it. Taking the sword, I was wondering whether I had no sword before and looked down at my right hand. Reading my mind, he said, “You had a sword, and it will grow bigger.”

At his words, the medium-sized sharp sword in my right hand started to grow gradually and turned into a big, transparent, and sharp sword, which I raised high in my right hand! The double-edged sword was so fabulous. I was told that it meant God’s words.


For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.  Hebrews 4:12


“I will give you a present so that you can manage all this.”


Upon him finishing the sentence, I was put in armor like a medieval knight. A helmet was first put on my head, and then a belt made of pure gold was wrapped around my waist. A huge shield made of pure gold was put in my left hand with my right hand still holding the fabulous sword high. Looking down at my feet, I found them in thick and solid iron shoes.

The entire armor was put together in less than a second, and my whole body was wrapped around tight by the armor instantly.


Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

Ephesians 6: 10-17

Suddenly my armored body started to hit a growth spurt, grew a meter at a time, and became incredibly large.


Surprised, I looked at my body. Seeing me, Jesus said, “I made your body grow that fast and that big. I will grow everyone who is fully committed like you that fast since the time is imminent and workers are not many.”


Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”   Matthews 9: 37-38


I smiled without even noticing it because I found my armored body interesting, fun, and exciting. Looking at me like that, Jesus and John the Apostle also smiled pleasantly.

“Ah, I am not sure I can move in this heavy armor,” I said to the smiling two.

“It is not heavy. Try and walk in it,” Jesus said to me.

As he told me, I tried to walk in it by taking a step. My first step felt so light, and, at the same time, my feet bounced as if they had springs attached to the soles. It was so fun that I laughed hard and bounced here and there. If I wanted to walk lightly, my feet would walk lightly. If I wanted to run, my feet would leap and bounce.

The intensity grew stronger and stronger, and I would sometime fly in the sky over the field. I would move far distances back and forth, leaping and bouncing here and there. I was able to see then that everything was prepared. John the Apostle suggested going up to the roof in order to provide me with some space where I could put on armor and move around in the field and sky, leaping and bouncing. The arrangement was also made so that Jesus and John the Apostle could watch me on the roof.


They were like two grown-ups watching a child doing cute things, smiling and being pleased as I enjoying myself merrily. Then Jesus said to me, “You will run around in the world as in Heaven.”

He made me realize that I would do ministry all around the world.

 “You will gather around brides churches throughout the world and unite them in alliance. That will become my church. Instead of belonging to a certain church, you will do ministry for my church,” he continued,

I was like a freelancer who was supposed to go anywhere at God’s order…

Knowing my disposition, he decided to put me to free uses, which intrigued and surprised me. Each and every thing about God is intriguing and surprising!


I asked another question to him, “Lord, I have been taking myself as a bride. I look like a soldier right now.”

He explained, “There is such armor hidden inside the clothes of every bride. It is not seen by people because it is covered by their beauty and modesty. You cannot be a bride without wearing such armor.”

This was the image of a bride as God intended.


A bride is a bride and, at the same time, warrior. She can die for her bridegroom, which is why she is armed with armor and fights hard for him. A bride is mild outside and strong inside. She is happy with the success of others and enjoys it with them but never gets jealous of them or defames them. She cries and laughs with others. She works on making herself obedient in order to follow the footsteps of her bridegroom Jesus, who always puts himself below others and sets an example of serving others. I was kneeling on one knee, giving a deep bow, and expressing my gratitude to Lord that gave me the armor.


What Happened during the Great Tribulation


Lord showed me some events that would happen during the Great Tribulation. Vision came to me during a prayer with powerful anointing. Now I realize that God surprisingly showed me them one by one in the order of happening. Those scenes are vividly recorded in my head like yesterday’s dream even after some time.


Vision 1)

There was a boy sobbing and wiping out tears with his fist at the entrance of a shabby building, which had no front door commonly found in general modern buildings but dark stairs leading directly to the second floor. I approached him who is squatting at the entrance and crying and asked him, “Why are you crying?”

“The doctor has gone. Jesus took her.” said the boy still crying and not even looking at me. “She told me to believe in Jesus and go to church. She also said Jesus would soon come to take us, but he only took her with me left behind.”

My eyes then caught the doctor’s clinic.

It was located in the upstairs of the building. I could see her room. The young and sincere female doctor left her clothes thrown on the chair. God showed me a fantasy in which she stroked him in the hair lovingly and preached the gospel to have him believe in Jesus. I realize why God showed me this vision first. God was worried about young children more than anyone else. Children who do not believe in Jesus cannot get raptured, so they are left behind in the world, and should undergo great tribulation with distress and pain, including young child like this boy. Knowing this well, God's heart is breaking more than anyone else. If children are left to do whatever they feel like such as computer games, they can be addicted to the games and their spirits will be taken by the demons. It will be such huge trouble. Children should start receiving education through Jesus Christ and being faithful at an early age so that they will be lifted up the sky when the trumpet blows.


Vision 2)

 It was in the middle downtown Los Angeles, California. Holy Spirit taught me that was on the Wilshire Boulevard. A young man and woman were walking in the sidewalk along the street. They were heading west with the man walking to the bush side and the woman walking to the street side. The man was making an impassioned speech to the woman, criticizing Jesus. Being lost in his rational criticism, he called the Bible irrational and made comments to ignore Christianity. The woman was walking carefully and praying inside without any response to his remarks with her head down a little bit and a book held in her chest.

‘Have mercy on him, Lord.'

In the middle of her prayer, she suddenly heard loud trumpet sound from the sky.

"Rise up here!!!"

She looked up in the sky with her face full of joy and excitement. She had no time to express her joy because she was raised up into the air the moment she looked up. He suddenly found her gone and looked around in bewilderment to find her, when there was a clash in the street. The downtown street was traffic jammed, which means the car accident was a fender bender instead of a huge one. God granted me spiritual knowledge as I was watching the scene and taught me that the trumpet sound are only heard by those who get raptured.  


With much traffic in the area, cars were moving slowly. There would not be many people who were ascending into the air in those circumstances, which gives some idea about how much spiritually corrupted cities are. I was looking down at the scene high up in the air and asked Jesus, “What will the world say about people being raised up into the air, Jesus?”

He gave me accurate and detailed answers:

“NASA of the United States will make an announcement that thousands of UFO from a distant planet in the universe surrounded the entire earth and abducted numerous people around the world with a powerful ultramodern sucking machine in one moment, promising to make further investigations into the matter and trying to cover it up.”


Vision 3)

 A building that looked like a county official building woke up to the emergency siren ringing throughout the building. People were perplexed in this situation that Jesus mentioned before. That is, people were abducted, and those who were left behind were talking about it in surprise.


A young single lady came out of the building in a hurry and arrived at her home. Going into the house, she yelled “Mom!” She was looking around the house to find her mom, suddenly stopping at a point to realize what happened. A devout Christian, her mom always reasoned with her, who ignored her persuasion and regarded her stories about the end of the world as a joke. Then she had a realization: it was not an abduction case by aliens from a distant planet but the Rapture; her mom was raised into Heaven; and she was left in the world to face the tribulation. Realizing all of those, she plunked herself down and wept bitterly in such great pain.


Vision 4)

 I saw those who were left behind in the world. They had increasingly difficult time to make a living because they had no mark on the forehead. They sold their houses and decided to move to another place. A group of people that looked like a family were carrying heavy luggage and bags and reached a pier in the hopes of getting aboard and moving to another country. They could not live in the city because they had no mark. When trying to get aboard at the pier, they finally realized that no mark meant no getting aboard, as well. Being rejected out of the ship, they turned around with lowered shoulders and walked with no strength. They could not get in a car and had to walk to a mountain.


Another group of people were walking along the railway in a row. They were carrying many bags and luggage on the shoulders and in the hands and taking heavy and difficult steps. It was apparent they had walked a huge distance. At that moment, a state-of-the-art train was passing by. The entire windows looked like glass tubes, through which people along the railway could look inside. In the train, the children of demon, people with a mark on the forehead or hand were drinking canned bear, eating something delicious, and making noises. Spotting people outside the windows, they pointed at them, made fun of them, and laughed loud with one another. Some would dart their tongues in and out and made a provoking gesture right upon the window. Looking at them, the people in the street made reactions; some would burst into cries in distress, and others would get mad, curse at them, and swing their fists at them. Then a man came up to those who were crying, held them around the shoulders, patted them in the back, consoled them, and carried their luggage himself. He moved to those who got mad advised them stop what they were doing and calmed them down. He was a minister left by God in a mission of serving those who were left in the Great Tribulation.

His actions were full of love. God made me realize that the first requirement for a minister for the left in this world is love.


They were also heading to a mountain. The children of God with no mark had no choice but to go into a mountain since there were no jobs for them in the city. They had to escape into a mountain in order to depend on plants for living and avoid the persecution of Antichrist and his group.


Vision 5)

 I saw a soldier that looked like in the group of Antichrist. I was made to realize that the entire army including the solider was controlled by Antichrist. He had rolled up his sleeves like soldiers would usually do in summer. The buttons in front were unbuttoned. His appearance was overall dirty. He was jaywalking in the residential area very intoxicated, holding a small beer bottle commonly found in the United States in his hand. His eyes were bloody red. Just a look at him was enough to see he was full of demon-possessed. When I saw this vision, God showed me to understand that the whole world was already under the rule of the Antichrist. Antichrist gave an order to the army, saying that “Those who have no mark in the forehead or hand have given up their life in this world. That means you can capture them or kill them, if compelled.” In such a situation, the soldier was passing through a residential area and came across a mother and her daughter, who were returning home. Seeing the soldier, they were bewildered. He came up to the mother and revealed her forehead. “What the! You have no mark!” The soldier, who took out his gun and shot her in the stomach. Watching her mother fall next to her, the five-year-old daughter started to cry hard in a fright and was too shocked to move. Looking down at the girl with the gun still in his hand, the soldier said, “What is this?” Then he pointed the gun to her forehead and shot her!


He moved his head backward hard and laughed “Hahaha!,” which sounded like the shriek of the demon. He put the bottle to his mouth and disappeared, with jaywalking.


People full of Holy Spirit have their spiritual eyes open. Holy Spirit, the spirit of God, has an insight for everything. When the era of Antichrist arrives, Antichrist and his ornanizations will be full of evil spirit during a period allowed by God and develop spiritual talent or insight, which I learned in this vision.


How I cried at this vision! It was so sad to see it! All the family should hear the sound of trumpet. People should desperately pray with tears that all of their families hear the trumpet sound and get raised up into the air!


Vision 6)

Those who escaped into the mountain were hiding in a cave, which was not very big. Its entrance was covered with dry yellow leaves and stems like straw bags. The inside was big enough to hold 7 to 8 people in sitting. The height of the cave only allowed grown-ups to stand while bending over. Back in the dark, an old lady was lying and groaning under an old mat, appeared sick. Afraid that her groans might be heard outside, she was careful not to groan loud. A young woman that seemed like her relative was taking care of her with her hands on her body. In addition to the two, several men and women were sitting knee to knee and looking at a man, who was in service in the cave. He looked like the leader and was a minister left in the world by God. He served those people with love and guided them into the cave. They were all singing praises and realized that they did not have much knowledge about hymns and Bible because they led an unfaithful religious life in the world. They accordingly sang along bit by bit after the leader singing praise. They were also careful not to sing loud for the fear of them being heard outside. Looking back on their situations and having regrets for not having lived a faithful life, they started to feel pain in the throat.

Looking at the scene, I also felt pain in the throat and tears came out.


After the praise, the leader took out a small Bible hidden in his waist belt. It was a pocket-size New Testament issued by Gideons International. He read it so much that it became worn out. He read John 14 in the Bible:


Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.  In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. John 14: 1-2


After reading the phrase, the leader gave a sermon in a low voice.

Listening to his message of consolation, wish, and encouragement, people would nod saying “Amen, amen” or shed tears quietly. All of them felt ashamed of themselves and sorry to God. However, their faith had been increased.

After the service, one of the men held up the straw mat at the entrance and came out, looking around in order to find food. Continuing to look around, he went further into the forests instead of climbing down the mountain. He could not go down the mountain because he would be captured. Despite his farther journey into the mountain, he returned with nothing in his stomach and his shoulders lowered. They picked in plants in the surroundings so much that nothing was left to eat.


January 30, 2008


Even now I tremble with fear and feel helpless at the idea of the scene. My entire body and spirit were caught in fear that was greater than what I felt to see the hell.


It was God’s throne!


It was not a mere throne but the place of judgment like a court. The place looked like a big church. God’s throne was in place for the pulpit. There were two large screens right and left, being hung high in the air. There were long chairs from right to left like in a common church. The sounds of praises that I heard somewhere before spread throughout the place, and the angels were flying about toward the ceiling. Something like fog or smoke emerged like on a big stage. It was so beautiful and magnificent, but I started to shake and had an attack of fear suddenly. Sobbing, I made several attempts to pretend to fall down completely. After sobbing for a while, I heard words coming out of my mouth. I had never spoken the language, which was not my dialect.


During the speech, I realized that it was the language of Heaven. I was sobbing and saying something in the language, but I could not understand my words because there was no interpretation. My fear was indescribable. I was so frightened and scared. Looking back on, I realize it was the moment that God was sitting in the throne.


The fear…!

How can I express it with words…!


Like one time before when he let me look down from upstairs, he gave me a height advantage to look down. People were sitting in chairs right and left. From the position where I was standing, I naturally realized that those who were in left non-believers and those who in right were believers.


They were waiting for their judgments in order. There was a man at the center with his head down like the accused. He could not stand or sit at the front row in the long chair where the accused would be usually situated in movies. He was lying on the floor with his face down. The man might be feeling what I felt just now. No, his emotions must have been more intense than mine because he was dragged along. A representative demon was standing on one side of him, and angels were standing on the other side with Jesus. A man who might be the demon or Satan had the both ends of his head rising sharp, was smartly thin, and wore clothes looking like those of Dracula. The collars were standing high to his head level. Later I found out that the two sharp horns on his head represented arrogance.


There was a screen behind the accused man and in the left from the position where I was looking down. The screen near the demon contained charts, which were mostly white with a little bit of red(one slim stick). The screen was showing scenes.


The sins committed by the accused man were seen on the screen over several scenes.

In those scenes, he would exercise violence, be a bad drunk, jaywalking and talking at random, and he met a married woman first met at a night club and commit adultery with her.

While the screen was showing those scenes, I was allowed to move my place from the left of God to the position where I could look down at him. He was in such indescribable fear that he could not even speak a word. He looked almost dead with his dark face. He was dead once and faced another death again.

It was his second death.

 Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away. And there was found no place for them.  And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God, and books were opened. And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to their works, by the things which were written in the books.  The sea gave up the dead who were in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them. And they were judged, each one according to his works.  Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.  And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.

Revelation 20: 11-15


The screen on the right did not even come up. According to the explanations by Jesus later, the accused man on the right did not believe in Jesus, which is why the screen on the right or the Book of Life did not come up. In other words, while the left screen was to judge according to the actions of non-believers, the right one was to grade the deeds of believers.


What was interesting was that God did not even bother to blame or praise this guy. With him saying nothing, the demon automatically took him after seeing his charts and sins on the screen. He was taken to the hell with no further explanations, and there was no need for them.


“Giving them over.”

God said he would give the sinners up three times in Romans and showed me at the judgment that he was not worth mentioning even at the moment of judgment.


Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves.  Romans 1: 24


For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature.  Romans 1: 26


And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting. Romans 1: 28

Next the second person was walking between the chairs on both sides to stand in the defendant’ position. I was allowed to see her walking beside and found her face shining bright like a bride walking down the hall at the wedding. Some soft and thin cloth seemed to have covered her face a little bit. It was so beautiful. I even felt milky aura and scent. When she was walking in, angels played the trumpet and the music spread all around. It was such a beautiful scene.


I shouted out “Hosanna, hosanna” on and on without with realizing it.


She stood at the place where the man before was. She would not bend like him and take a straight and modest posture with carefulness of conduct. The right screen started to show her deeds.

She was guided to Jesus in overall softness and warmness. Jesus held her and patted her in the back, saying she did a good job. Then the angels played the trumpet and the music spread around once again.


I was sent back to the earth.

I could not still move my body, which was stiff. I opened my eyes, but they were closed again.

It was after I lied down for a while that I was taken again.


I was then allowed to ask questions about the two people.

“Jesus, what was the biggest sin the man committed, and what was the best deed she did?”

While he was giving answers, I recalled the obscene scenes I watched earlier. His voice was like narration.


“His biggest sin was sleeping around with women he first met, almost living in a night club.”

When I heard him, I got to know their conditions as part of my mind knowledge. He was a married man and would have one-night stands with married women he first met. Right at that moment, there were two families broken. It was no wonder that Jesus mentioned it as his biggest sin since his love for families was immense.


Next the screen was showing footage about the woman, who was at a church cafeteria. There was an old, wretched-looking man to whom no one paid attention. They were busy making social connections with one another. The woman walked up to his table, spoke to him with kind and warm eyes, brought him some food and drink, and served him with love. “What you do to the poor and miserable is what you do to me. That is the greatest reward,” said Jesus.


Around 9:00 a.m. on January 30, 2008


I could hear God’s rumbling voice.


He just said that one word, and I felt like my entire body and bones becoming numb and shrinking. I was trembling hard.

Sori,” God called me again.

I was just crying, not being able to say a word.

“Sori,” God called me the third time. “You will listen to my words.”


I managed to pick myself up and kneeled to answer him.

“Yes, Lord.”

“Take down what I am about to say.”

“Yes, Lord…”


You will listen to my words.

The Heaven and Earth will be gone, but my words will neither disappear nor change.

How dare you say that I do not exist, ignore me, and treat me with contempt!

I lavished my love on you by sacrificing my loving Only Son.

Is my love worthless for you to act that way?

You listen to me.

Those who find joy because of me will experience more joy.

Those who look down on and despise me will get what they have sown.

I will make it sure they will have their comeuppance soon.

Therefore, you repent.

Plow the old land and come to me with a pure and soft mind.

If you repent from the bottom of your heart, I will undo your sins and remember nothing about them.

If you refuse to change your actions in spite of my warning, I will never stop my wrath on those who still have arrogant eyes, cynical remarks, and boasting head moves.

I will never stop until my judgment comes.

Therefore, you repent.

I repeat you repent.

I will make those who neglect my warnings realize.

They will be punished.  

They will be made to realize that all that comes from me.

Therefore, you repent.


Present of Language of Love

In the morning of February 6, 2008


I was praying, when I felt my body was getting hot and had my soul taken to Heaven. When I arrived at Heaven, John the Apostle was waiting for me. Jesus was waiting for us in front of his house. We went into his house and sat down on the sofa like before. John and Jesus sat across me like before.


Jesus was sitting on my left without me even noticing it and looked at me.

“I understand that you said 100,000 warriors including Brother Yun would march west in China for Back to Jerusalem,” I asked.

“They will.”

“What about in South Korea?”

“40,000 missionaries will be dispatched from South Korea.”

“That little?”

“My concept of missionary is different from your concept of missionary. I call those who have the spirituality of bride and that of warrior and go to a land of mission missionaries. I do not recognize those who merely gave a dispatch service and went to a land of mission as missionaries. I do not say you are right just because you have done many things. I will say you are right when you have done what I wanted however small it would be.”

“Will missionaries be dispatched from Japan, as well?”

“60,000 missionaries will be dispatched to Japan.”

“More than South Korea?”

“They do not know God right now. Once they get to know him, however, they will serve the roles of 100 or 1,000 men per person with their tenacity. That is why more missionaries will be dispatched from Japan.”

Even though South Korea dispatches more missionaries than Japan, it has fewer “true missionaries” recognized by God than Japan.


April 4, 2007 7:00 am


The obstinacy and roughness of this generation is greater than the era of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Therefore, my wrath is greater than any time before.

However, my wrath will find no place in you whom I love. You will therefore smarten up and up.

What are the evil certificates of this era?

They are lewdness, murder, lie, slander, jealousy, love for money, arrogance, and obstinacy.

Their atrocity is unyielding. They cannot control their emotions, putting their emotions into action without any thinking or reason.

They thus do whatever they feel like including killing, committing adultery, reviling, lying, and getting lewd, acting like those who are drunk with hard liquor.

Lord Almighty will strike them but no one will be able to stop me.


I will raise my hand high toward those who act in arrogance and impudence and strike them by moving Heaven. Soon the entire world will be rife with unstoppable disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and wars and all kinds of untreatable diseases. Bugs deep underground with no known name will bite them and give them itches all over the body. They will be subject to extreme pain and itches seven times greater than what bothered Job.  No scratches will give them peace. Going to hospital will do no good since their diseases are not identified. There is no medication to address the cause since even the doctors are in pain.


However, my loving brides will be placed in a place and protected by me just like the Israelis that stayed in Goshen when Aigyptos was hit by calamities. People would find the situation strange but never be moved to return because their minds are occupied by Satan. You will wake up in advance and pray so that you will be put in extreme distress. You will keep praying so that even one more soul can return to me. Those are my words.


During the day of Sunday on January 13, 2008


Today you had service for me in commemoration of Sunday. Reflect upon yourselves to see whether your worshipped me in true and in Spirit. If it had not been, be ashamed of yourselves and repent. I look for those who praise and respect me with the whole heart and spirit. My loving people, you will be always prepared so that you will not come to me and show your respect with empty hands. You will make preparations as far as your strength allows and volunteer to do so. I am not happy about forced offerings. Do not be late for service. Speak and act in the name of Jesus Christ. Start reading the Bible, and I will give you more spirits of wisdom and revelation and open your eyes wider. You will be further armed with love. So keep reading the Bible willingly and consistently, and it will be your huge weapon. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds. You will pray for your country and people. What is that you are worried about? I will listen to your prayers and wake up my sleeping servants who do ministry without the cross. So pray more for them with tears.


In the evening of Sunday on January 13, 2008


I will talk about the seven seals. Seven disasters were started by the deep and vast administration of God, and the first one was the disaster of the seven seals. However, it should be called a sign rather than a disaster. God wants to do no harm to his children and people. He just makes an unbiased judgment of non-believers. By watching him do those things, his children will be made to see that he is alive, realize the imminent second coming of Jesus Christ and make preparations for it, and repent to become purified brides.


Many scholars have formulated various theories on the seven seals. I will praise those who formulated a theory on the seven seals out of respect for Lord Jehovah, saying he did a good job. On the other hand, he will never be acknowledged for those who merely produced research results, however they were close to his plan and intention. I will never say that they did the right thing or a good job.

The seven seals were enumerated in order given the text context, but they happen simultaneously, which means they will happen regardless of the order instead of at the same moment.


As you all know, this job has already begun. Be aware that it is happening one piece after another.


It will continue to happen until the six seals. When the seventh seal is made, the disaster of the seven bugles will begin with the full-blown calamity on the earth.

During the disaster of the seven seals, the latter rain of Holy Spirit will stop. Five foolish virgins will weep sadly and ground their teeth. You should work on hard to prepare an oil lamp. What does it mean preparing an oil lamp? Oil means love, Words of God, intercession, and power. Therefore, you should be prepared for all of this by the fullness of Holy Spirit. It is what five wise virgins should have. Therefore, you should be apostles that always work hard on prayers and words like five beautiful and wise virgins.


January 14, 2008


Of the seven seals, the first one presents a disaster in which the man on a white horse tries to win and wins. Jesus Christ will win in the spiritual war that has already begun, but he will let Satan be unyielding for a while. It is through this that God will make an unbiased judgment. It is through him that his children will be stronger in the trials.  


The full-blown disaster series will ensue starting with the second seal. The disaster represented by the man on a red horse will kill or injure many people on the earth. In the middle of all this, the brides of Jesus Christ will be protected by the host of angels both in the body and soul.


What is the third seal? It will be a scale disaster or economically severe distress. The land will not produce well due to the sins of man, and neither will the sea. Prices will be skyrocketing, and many people will not be able to buy things not because they have no money but because there are not things to purchase. They will be starving. In the middle of all this distress, people will lament and curse the environment and try to overcome the distress with drinking, pleasure, and enjoyment instead of repenting.


Therefore, depravity will grow even more serious, and so will sexual corruption. As both man and woman will have relationships with anyone who can give satisfaction to their bodies and get lost in sexual corruption and lewdness. The spiritual eyes and the mind and love for God will become increasingly dull, dark, and distant. That will be their sin and its resulting outcome not My guidance. Be aware that it is the result of human corruption. When the fourth seal is taken off, many will face death due to corruption.


The reward of sin is death. Greed gives birth to sin, which grows and leads to death according to the Bible.


Therefore, you should be awake and pray hard. None of you can be assured because you are entities made of flesh and blood. As long as you are made of flesh and blood and your life continues on, you should be aware that there are both life and curse lying ahead of you. Therefore, solicit and pray hard that God will give you distinguishing wisdom, long for being one with God always in love, and hope to stay in the oneness. When alone, people tend to get vulnerable. Take necessary measures to be with others so that you can encourage each other with bravery and incitement with them.


January 16, 2008


My loving people! Always remain awake and pray hard! The times are very wicked. These days once you have lost your minds to the desire of the body even for a while, it will be much more difficult to recover them. Therefore, always be awake and on your good behavior so that you will not have your precious things taken by the vain ones. Ask Me to protect your souls during sleep. I will order the host of angels to protect your souls. As the time closes in, the enemy devil will make frantic attempts to entice you in various ways. It is time that you should desperately need your spiritual discernment. Therefore, arm yourselves with My words and try not to be seduced. The surest method of spiritual discernment is to check whether the fruit of a job is the fruit of Holy Spirit and whether the job has been done with love.

The biggest reason that Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross was love. Try to be careful not to be seduced by external phenomena and always act with love so that it will become easier to tell whether a thing is the result of love or not. Those who act with love can tell whether a thing has been done with love and figure out its true meaning.


Be careful. Those corrupted ones should be taken lightly. They will make use of all kinds of tricks and schemes to drag you to a dark place. As a matter of fact, they are already doing it. You are so ignorant about the spiritual world and this act of the demons’ that you undergo many things without even knowing it. Think of Jesus Christ who sacrificed himself on the cross to free you. Do you know that he sheds bloody tears whenever he sees you in such ways? I know he suffers more than you who are undergoing them, so be aware of it.

Be the source of happiness to Me by confronting evil, becoming wise to fight against evil, and winning a victory all the time.


10:48 p.m. on January 19, 2008


He who is destined to come will come in a short while, so you should be awake and prepared to pray. Always work hard to meditate on My words, pray to Me and, most importantly, discard your worldly thoughts and interest inside you. The evil enemy, the archenemy, the devil will seduce your eyes, ears, and minds with worldly brilliant things and keep you interested in them. Stay awake, or you will fall down. Always be careful and concentrate on your prayers and My words; it is so important that I repeat it many times. Jesus Christ who died for you and God the Father do not want to see you seduced and dragged by the enemy and commit sins. Therefore, love Me, God the Father with all your hearts, life, and intentions. If you love Me with all your hearts, I will show you how to love your neighbors.


My loving children, my sincere love for you is the same as the love of Jesus Christ who died for you. Make Me, God the Father happy and love Me with all your hearts. There are not many people who know about My pain, and I am looking for someone to share My mind with. Who among you wishes to offer all of you to Me and always communicate with Me by completely opening your hearts to Me? I am looking for someone like that. My loving people, I will treat you with great joy if you offer all of your hearts and souls to Me. I will let you know what I will do in advance and join you in the ministry of the last moment.


My loving people, the time has come very near. Always be awake and pray to distinguish the flows of the times. Strike enermy in the head instead of being bitten in the heel by him. How can I not give you the power and ability to defeat the enemy if you ask for it with all your hearts? You will therefore receive wisdom to distinguish the times, my loving people.


In the evening of January 21, 2008


The day when I will come to this land is very near, but My children and Israelis are still so far from me. Can you imagine My tears, pain, and suffering? My loving children, just like I find My children in you, you should get to your brothers and sisters, who do not know Me and their father and continue to wander around, and let them know who their father is. That is what I want from you. That is My tears I shed through Paul the Apostle and My salvation plan to fulfill through you at the last moment. I will wake up and raise My children through My servants who are awake and on their good deeds. I will use them to advance the day when they will welcome Me, Jesus with two arms as their father and king, who is coming soon. Therefore, work hard to do My will and ask for more fullness of Holy Spirit from Me to discern My intentions. I want My loving people to know what is on My mind better and please Me at the last days.


At night on January 23, 2008


My loving people, I love you and thus I say these words to you. Do not serve both God and materials at the last moment. Commit everything you have including your personalities to Me unsparingly just like I did not spare My Only Son for you.

I will receive what you offer and turn it into the eternal prize in My nation. Do not calculate the accumulation of prizes. Try to discern the meaning of pleasing God. When you realize that it is My intentions for you, immediately do it. Remind yourselves that I said obedience was better than religious service. Make it with your uncalculated obedience.


My loving people,

Always keep in mind that your enemy, the demon, watch your hearts and thoughts as well as your external acts. Stay caught in My words and live in light so that you will not have your hearts taken by him. He will try to target your every action and harm you, but he will not dare to come inside you where My spirit is present. I will protect you from this evil generation. You are not capable of recognizing or beating them. So, you will always depend on Me, stay inside Me, listen to My voice, and follow Me, who is the good shepherd and your God. It is so important that it cannot be overemphasized because you have this disposition of listening to evil on occasion. If you depend on the enemy even a little bit, he will seduce to commit spiritual adultery with him.

Therefore, you should always have your spiritual eyes focused on Me, direct your spiritual ears towards Me, and work hard to praise and pray to Me. Do not take a break from your relationship with Me. Ask Me to take care of your souls even for a while, and I will stand guards for your souls during sleep and keep the evil enemy from planting the seeds of evil in your spirit garden.


At night on January 24, 2008


I will open a path for those who act for Back to Jerusalem. Pray that many people will devote themselves to this job in South Korea, China, and Japan and have spiritual baptism.

Pray for the countries along the Silk Road staring with Korea and then one by one on the land and marine route. I will let you know the areas and cities. Pray for the health of ministers serving in each country. Pray for their families. I will grant fire to their ministry and join them with huge miracles and records.


At dawn on January 30, 2008


My loving people, love each other. The evil enemy, demons, will try to estrange you from each other, make you jealous of one another, make you get in disputes with each other, make you form parties, make you get mad, and blow up a spiritual organization. My loving people, do not get deceived. Do not get raged.

Do not form parties and confront each other. That does not please Me but it makes the enemy happy. At this last moment, purify yourselves with holiness, purity, truth, and love. There will be beautiful crowns prepared for you when you arrive in My Kingdom.


At night on January 30, 2008


My loving people.

I will be with you.

My loving people.

Receive my power.

Receive my love.

I will give you power.

I will give you new power.

I will give you strength.

The evil enemy will not and cannot harm you.

My loving people, I will protect you.

I will protect you with My power.


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