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David Owuor

Repent and Messiah Coming Soon/Rapture!
Dr David Owuor

Dr. David Owuor is a prophet from Kenya. And over the years God has shown many things to him concerning the end of days, the judgments that are coming to various nations and the rapture of the church of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Owuor has received several messages of warning to the land of the United States. And following are some of those messages. May yours hearts be open to hear and discern the voice of the Lord.

On September 8th of 2013 the Lord spoke to him with tremendous urgency about tremendous events that is about to unfold. God showed Dr. Owour a massive earthquake that is coming to the Western Hemisphere. And this earthquake is going to hit the United States of America.

The purpose of this earthquake is to shake the gospel of prosperity, money, the sexual immorality in the church, the false apostles, and the false prophets. The Lord is calling the United States of America to repent and turn away from wickedness and sin. The pastors and the church must now return to the original gospel. The gospel of repentance and holiness. The only gospel that was given at the cross, at the cavalry.

This event among others, points to the return of the Lord. The bible speaks to us very clearly about the signs that our Lord Jesus Christ laid before the earth and laid before the church regarding His glorious return. In Matthew chapter 24 verse7 says that, at the end would be famine and earthquakes in various places.

This message extent to all nations around the world. Even the churches in Kenya, the churches in Australia, Europe, Asia, the churches in Latin America, Central America, the church in the Islands, in China and Russia. The whole body of Christ must also be sensitive. Everyone must recognize if they have the same sins prevailing among them, prevailing within the house of God. Then they are not in right standing with the Lord.

The Messiah is coming, prepare the way of the Lord.

This earthquake will happen very soon. And when this happens everyone shall know that truly the Lord has spoken.

On July 16th of 2013, the Lord gave Dr. Owuor another vision of the night that concerns the judgment that will come to the United States. 

The Lord took him in a dream and showed him tremendous defilement of the land of the United States of America. He saw people worshiping the devil and the Lord made him understand that they belong to secret societies and how they have key positions in leadership, businesses, government, and in various sectors.

The Lord also showed him the wickedness in the land highlighting to him the false prophets, false pastors and false teachers in the church.

The church in the USA is largely in a fallen estate. A church that has taken another road. And because of that, great judgment is coming to the USA.

In the dream DR. David Owuor saw millions of flies coming and covering the entire land. And that is one of the ways the Lord demonstrates the judgment that is to come.

But yet the Lord Jehovah is such a just God, a faithful God that if at any time, God announces to a nation His wrath, his judgment, destruction over the land and the people sincerely repent and turn away from the wickedness that brought the judgment over them, the Lord says in Jeremiah 18, that He shall be faithful enough to relent, not to judge them.

The time to repent and prepare for the coming of the Messiah is now.

Dr. Owour has also had several visions concerning the coming of the Lord.

On May 4th of 2006, he had a vision in which he saw the opening of the heavens and the glory of God coming and filling and covering the surface of the earth. When the glory touched the surface, it stood up like a tornado and it lifted high above the land.

 24 hours later, on the 5th of May, he had another vision in which he saw the same tornados, however this second time he saw one tornado forming on top of the other until it reached the heavens.

Dr. Owour believes that the Lord gave him these visions to let his people know that the rapture is near.

In May of 2014, the Lord spoke again to Dr. David Owuor through a dream about the coming of the Messiah. In the dream he was in a place and the Lord asked him to look up to the sky. When he looked up to the sky he saw that the glory of the Lord had surrounded the sun. And the glory of the Lord was radiating strips of radiance from the sun, covering the earth like a dome. In the dream he also saw two rainbows very close to one another appearing to his left, then the voice of the Lord said, “Look the Messiah is coming!”

He remembers well that the Lord made him know that the church is not prepared. In the dream he began to weep very heavily because of the condition of the church. He sat on the ground weeping because of the condition of the church. She is not holy, has not embraced righteousness, and is not mature. So the grief that touched the heart of the Lord, extended and touched Dr. Owuor.

The Lord has been speaking[KN1]  to Dr. Owuor about the return of the Messiah. And most importantly God has been speaking to him about the need of the church to prepare, to be absolutely righteous and holy. And all the events that are now happening across the earth, ranging from wars with Israel, the global economic situation, virus like the Ebola; these are all signs that the Lord tells in the bible, when He says, “When these signs come then we shall know that indeed the coming of the Messiah has drawn near us.”

Dr. Owuor believes that the revival around the world is going to a higher level. The heavens now are opening up to different countries and different nations. As the prophet Joel said that God would pour out His Spirit over every flesh.

The time is now and the message has now being spoken, repeatedly time and time again that the church must now be righteous. Turn completely to God.  This is the time to polish, take care of issues with lust, lies, falsehood in the church.

In a particular vision Dr. Owuor saw the ceremonial garment of the Lord, to imply that there is going to be a ceremony soon and that the preparation in heaven have been finalized. He has seeing the wedding ring in the skies. And the preparation for the wedding feast of the Lamb of God is ready.

God is calling to purification. Ask yourself what is not in conform to the requirements of this hour, the requirements of the Holy Spirit, the requirements of righteousness.

May all who has ears hear to what the Lord is saying.


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