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Heidi Baker

Heidi Baker from Laguna Beach, California, is a Christian missionary and with her husband Rolland co-founder of IRIS Ministries in 1980 which is Christian ministry dedicated to Jesus Christ and helping the poor. After twelve years ministering in Asia, they left in 1992 to do their PhD's in London. 

In 1995 Heidi Baker started a new ministry to the poor and homeless children in Mozambique. Heidi Baker started to take care of orphans and now the children are more than 5,000. From there, the ministry has expanded to include well-drilling, free health clinics that service the poor and sick, feeding programs, primary and secondary schools, cottage industries and 5000 churches in Mozambique and a total of over 8,000 churches in over 20 nations.

There are multiple Bible Schools, as well as community outreaches and public schools. In September 2008 Iris Ministries started a well digging project in Northern Mozambique.

Heidi Bakers is in Pemba, Mozambique. They also travel to various places around the world to share their story, and to teach about God's love and what love in action looks like. The core value and message of the Bakers ministry is God's "love".

Heidi Baker website:   http://www.irismin.org/

This video was made by Darren Wilson.

For more information about this video; http://www.fingerofgodfilm.com/

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